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Blogging Needs a Beginning

Dienstag, April 17th, 2012

Well, blogging needs a beginning. And this is it, obviously taking some of the texts, that I have written and presented over the last years being involved in ebooks and digital publishing, putting them online, here, assembled. Some of them outdated, which makes it so obvious for me, that change does not make halt even in front of game changing innovations!

Hey, publishing! Innovation and change will not make halt, even not in front of you, telling everyone (who is not at all interested in listening to you), how important reading and education is for everyone or for society or for culture or the future of mankind! I am with you, although I might be one of the few!

A historical perspective is always a very helpful (and I can tell as I have spend months working in the dusty archives of the 17th and 18th Century). I will constantly be asking and irritating myself: What will I think reading my own posts in 10 years? Does it make sense now? Did it make sense then? Am I alienated enough, which I would consider to be a good thing, or am I just embarrassed?

Apropos embarrassing … I will write in German, and I will try to write in ‚Englisch‘ as well, often, whenever possible or suitable! But please prepare for the worst English and excuse me for my mistakes! Someone very close to me would not even let me publish any of my ‚proprietary Genglish‘ posts to you, but I must not ask her to have a look at anything I expect to write, beforehand. I cannot even thank her enough for everything she did for me over the last years!

Many topics will surely not be interesting for an international audience: Details, debates, companies, constellations in the German ebook market. (We have a bookprice fixing! – You want to learn about bookprice fixing?) I will focus writing posts in English that might be interesting for you, my dear reader!

Why „Publishing hurts“?

We are Zeitzeugen of a shift of paradigm in media, which will violently and vehemently shake and shatter the foundations of a more than two hundred year old business model. For publishers – and I consider myself to be one of them -, it is not always easy to cope with this change and to position themselves in a completely reshaped digital environment.

The move towards ebooks and epublishing can only succeed with effort and sacrifice, which will be painful and still require a passionate involvement at the same time. Ebooks are often the cause of bad mood, insomnia, headaches, even depression, especially when publishers deal with ebooks because „they have to.“

On the other hand, there is so much passion, love, lust, energy – pathos in publishing! These are Nietzschean dimensions! It is a wonderful suffering, this digital publishing! Publishing hurts!

In no other industry you will find people with more inspiration, vivacity, wit, love, lust, passion and affirmation for what they are doing. And this ‚passionate digital publishing‘ is what I personally care of, what drives me as a publisher and service provider, and what will hopefully influence and determine the posts of this blog!

Businesswise, have a look at my LinkedIn page. Currently, I am available for advice, support, consulting and strategic business development in the fields of ebooks, digital distribution and ebook retail marketing. I can offer project management with expertise in implementation, might be able to bring good people and good companies together. I would also be open for an international commitment.

You can reach me via email, by phone or via Twitter.

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